Meet the Farmer


We are Rick and Kathleen Johnson.

Almost ten years ago we made Northern Nevada our home.  Coming from a farming background in Minnesota, we embraced the new terrain and began an exciting adventure by becoming a part of a growing community who value farm to table produce.   We grow food hydroponically producing healthy food sustainably with environmental conservation in mind.  Tahoe Living Greens’ wheatgrass and microgreens are grown from Non-GMO organic seeds and are raised in a fodder system. TLG is currently producing wheatgrass along with alfalfa, arugula, broccoli and radish microgreens, with bulls blood microgreens soon to come.

Why Wheatgrass and Microgreens?

In our family, dinnertime has been a time to relax and refresh after a day in the field or re-fencing the pasture.  Food mainly came from the garden and was fresh.  Fresh foods seem to have a restoring quality that frozen and prepackaged foods lack.  Tahoe Living Greens hopes to restore the fresh food experience for our community. We chose wheatgrass for its great nutritional qualities and microgreens because they can instantly add nutrients and flavor to foods.  Radish greens add a spicy quality, whereas, broccoli add a nutty, earthy flavor.  Just as paring a wine with an entrée is essential to flavor, so is selecting the specific microgreen crucial to the enhancement of flavor for entrées, salads, hors d’oeuvres, and more.  We hope you will watch this site for nutritious microgreen inspiration and recipes.

Let’s make it Simple!

Our wheatgrass and microgreens can be purchased as living plants, which provides an extended shelf-life for the plant.  We also sell wheatgrass and microgreens which have been harvested and packaged, for ease of use, and will stay fresh for 4 to 5 days with refrigeration.

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