Asa TLG Pics

Tahoe Living Greens is your local source for hydroponically grown micro-greens. Established in 2014, our owners Rick and Kathleen Johnson and their family are dedicated to providing nutrition-packed produce to northern Nevada, northern California and beyond. Today, we offer 10 types of micro-greens and two micro-herbs providing seedling-sized, big-flavored, brightly hued produce options that are as versatile as they are delicious!

Microgreens embody all that is the young produce food movement and, what’s better, Tahoe Living Greens is able to provide these superheros of the vegetable world year round. With an impressive indoor hydroponic fodder unit, we harvest and package the non-gmo, soon-to-be organic certified, plants every six to 11 days – once the microgreens reach the vibrant first leaf stage.

Now, customers throughout northern Nevada and northern California have access to quality micro-greens. Offering four-to-40 times the nutrition found in their mature counterparts, we love these teeny vegetables and hope you will too!